Embrace the Skies: Top 10 Pet-Friendly Airlines

Top 10 Pet-Friendly Airlines

In the heart of the UAE, Dubai stands as a gateway for global nomads, many of whom share their adventurous spirit with their beloved furry friends. Yet, the thought of relocating or travelling with pets can often seem daunting. However, fret not! We’ve done the legwork for you, narrowing down the Top 10 Pet-Friendly Airlines that are both comfortable and convenient for your pets. Let’s dive in!

1. Lufthansa: A Paws-itive Experience in the Sky

Lufthansa secures its place at the top of our list due to its comprehensive pet transport service. The airline makes sure your pets are snug and safe in specially designed, ventilated containers keeping your furry friends safe and comfy. Fun fact: they even have an Animal Lounge in Frankfurt, touted as the most advanced animal station in the world!

2. KLM: Royal Dutch Treat for Your Pet

Known for its stellar reputation in pet transport, KLM offers options to either check your pet into the cargo, or take them in the cabin, depending on their size and weight. If your dog is a brachycephalic or a snub-nosed breed, check out our tips on travelling with a snub-nosed dog.

3. Air France: ‘Pet’agogy of Flying

Air France makes flying with pets as easy as a walk in the park. This airline provides detailed guidelines on how to measure your pet for their crate, ensuring a stress-free journey. For more insights on how to size up the perfect crate, visit our guide on how to measure your pet for the perfect crate.

4. Etihad Airways: From Abu Dhabi to the World

Closer to home, Etihad Airways is an excellent choice. The UAE’s national airline is deeply familiar with the import regulations in the UAE which makes your pet’s journey seamless and stress-free.

5. Turkish Airlines: Fly Meow with Delight

Turkish Airlines is also recognized for its exceptional pet travel options. They’ve earned rave reviews from pet owners about their friendly staff and top-notch service.

6. Qatar Airways: Re-fur-bished Comfort

As one of the few airlines allowing falcons in the cabin, Qatar Airways is well-versed in handling different types of pets. Their well-trained staff ensures that your pet’s travel experience is as comfortable as yours.

7. Emirates: Pets Fly High in Dubai’s Sky

Emirates Airlines, one of Dubai’s pride, makes sure that your pets get VIP treatment. However, they only allow pets in the cargo hold, so it’s important to acquaint your pet with their crate beforehand to reduce anxiety during air travel.

8. Swiss International Air Lines: The ‘Purrfect’ Swiss Precision

The Swiss are known for their precision, and it’s no different when it comes to pet travel. Swiss International Air Lines has clear guidelines and a smooth process for pet travel. They even allow certain small pets in the cabin!

9. British Airways: A Tail-wagging Journey

British Airways has a pet travel scheme that allows pet dogs and cats to travel in the passenger cabin. Their stringent adherence to safety measures makes it a top choice for pet owners.

10. American Airlines: The Pet-friendly Sky High

American Airlines, known for their excellent pet travel policy, rounds off our list. They prioritize your pet’s comfort and safety, with their checked pet service or in-cabin options, ensuring a pleasant flight for your four-legged companion.

Regardless of the airline you choose, remember to ensure your pet is vaccinated and microchipped for international travel. The importance of microchipping for international pet travel cannot be overstated.

No matter where your adventures take you, be it short-term travels or a permanent move, these airlines make the journey easier for both you and your pet. With the right preparation, the right airline, and a little bit of faith, you can turn a potentially stressful experience into an exciting part of your journey, making relocating with your pet to the UAE stress-free. So pack those bags, ready your pets, and embrace the skies!

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